“We want to do them all before Jesus returns!”

I have heard that expressed more than once about the pace at which we are holding the Dunamis projects. Always, Koreans desire to move fast. There is an undercurrent of impatience that we are adding only one new Dunamis Project equipping event each year, but due to the size and population density of Korea this approach is the best.

In early July, the Korea Dunamis Network (KDN) conducted the second Dunamis Project, In the Spirit’s Power, in Danyang, Korea.

This followed the Gateways to Empowered Ministry project held in March in the city of Kyungju. Both sessions were well attended. In fact, for In the Spirit’s Power, there were over 110 participants. Praise God! (We planned for 80 so we were a bit overwhelmed by the attendance.)

Worship at the Dunamis Project in Korea

We were blessed to have Tom Willcox, PRMI’s board chair, and his wife Raylene with us for In the Spirit’s Power. Their teaching was a big hit with the participants. After the seminar, my wife, Liz, and I were privileged to host them at Jesus Abbey for the weekend, which was a very special time. This coming November we will be served by Doug McMurry as the primary instructor. Again, we will be blessed!

There is great excitement in Korea over the Dunamis Project. Last year the KDN operating committee decided to do three seminars each year with Gateways in the spring, Dunamis II in the summer, and another in the series each fall. This coming November, we will be teaching Dunamis III—The Power of Prayer.

Attendees receive commissioning prayer at the end of “In the Spirit’s Power”

God is using the Dunamis teaching to penetrate into some of the most conservative Presbyterian churches in the country as well as drawing in leaders from many other denominations all across the spectrum from liberal to conservative. It’s amazing to see Him at work. The attendees at these Dunamis projects are almost exclusively clergy and spouses including the senior pastors from one of the most conservative, non-Charismatic denominations in Korea. Also, assistant clergy are involved. Many are eager to return home to begin teaching the material to their congregations.

The Korean pastors and other leaders find the Dunamis Project teaching appealing due to its solid, careful theological and Biblical approach to the person and work of the Holy Spirit. In Korea, there are many teachings on the Holy Spirit and much charismatic activity, which has turned off these conservative pastors. Dunamis brings a new approach that they greatly appreciate. In addition, there are two aspects of the Dunamis “DNA” that are exciting cultural challenges to Koreans, which are relished in this extremely hierarchical church culture. One aspect is the team approach and the other is the discernment process with the four basic questions. Both of these aspects are new to most people in the Korean Church. They find them very life-bringing—a breath of fresh air to their ministries.

Please keep Korea and the KDN in your prayers. May our Lord accomplish all He desires before Jesus returns!

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