Check Your Email

COver for the Baptism with the Holy Spirit Ebook


Your ebook, “Baptism with the Holy Spirit, ‘You Shall Receive Power'” is on its way!


  • Go to your email account
  • Open the email from PRMI
  • Click on the download link

Not receiving the email?

1). Hit your back button and double-check the email address

We sent the ebook to the address you entered.

If there is an error in this email address, then you will not receive the ebook.

To fix this, simply click the back button and enter the correct address.

2) Check your spam inbox

Sometimes spam filters can filter out the wrong emails, so if you are sure that you used the correct email address and you do not see the message, then you should check your spam box.

3). Give it a few minutes

Sometimes, computers act a little slower than expected, so give it a few minutes to see if it shows up.

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