Visual artists, vocalists, composers, writers, thepians, culinary artists, dancers, musicians … the list goes on. All were represented at the Arts Alive conference this past August at the Community of the Cross. ( Note: it is not possible to re-create here all of the arts expressed during the event, but we have included pictures of some of the visual art.)

Through times of prayer, sharing of brokenness as well as gifting, worship, great food and a strong sense of community, the group explored some of the challenges and joys of being an artist who celebrates Jesus through their creativity.

Coming into the event, some would have said, “I am not an artist, but I have always wanted to …”. So, some began to paint, draw and write and found new ways to express themselves.


Others taught and learned from each other as they were working:

“Where do you get your canvases?”

“How did you learn to play that instrument?”

“Has any of your writing been published?”

On Friday evening, a guest speaker, Pattie Ann Hale, Associate Director of The Worship Studio in Asheville, NC, shared from her heart and from Scripture about the valuable role of creativity in the Kingdom of God.

The event ended with lunch and a group debrier and enthusiastic affirmation of “Let’s do this again!”

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