Is God calling you as an intercessor? How do you know?

And if so what do you do?

A number of people have written me describing mystical experiences and wondering if they were crazy or called as intercessors.

There were some who not only got clear words of guidance, but also “saw” into the spiritual realms and saw Satan at work but also saw God at work as well.

I realized that for me it has often been a very lonely journey, and that it has been most encouraging to know that I am not alone.

It is also important to connect with others because some times what I receive is so bizarre that I know I really need the help of a discerning community to help sort out what is from the Lord, the Devil or just my imagination.

The question that some have asked, “Is the Holy Spirit calling me to be an intercessor and work with Jesus?”

To start to address that question I have included the teaching from the Dunamis Video Course on the Power of Prayer, specifically the lesson on discerning one’s call to intercession.

It may be helpful to you as you get these invitations from God.

[28:55 min Video] – Lesson Seven from the Dunamis Video Course 3 on Prayer, “Into the Gap: The Call to Intercession”.

PRMI Mobilizes Intercessors

Prayer is at the heart of everything that PRMI does.

There are hundreds of people within PRMI whom the Lord has called, anointed, is equipping and connecting together for this work of intercession.

Want to join us?

All our ministry programs and expressions that have had a part in renewing the church and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ have been born in prayer and sustained by prayer.

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