“But if I drive out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.” (Matthew 12:28 NIV)

A fundamental question that we need to deal with is: “What is the source of evil in the world?”

As evangelicals we can affirm that according to the Bible, the source of evil in the world is fundamentally rooted in human sin which has opened the door for the Devil to have ground.

The ultimate expression of evil is bondage and death.

It is on the basis of this foundational doctrine that we may speak of demonic strongholds that are in the world today working to hold people captive and to block the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Strongholds are complex realities that involve human sin as well as evil spirits. We see their results in the world – slavery and death in all its forms: aborted babies, Islamic terrorist attacks, physical, sexual and other forms of abuse, racism and on and on.

If this combination of sin and the Devil is the source of evil in the world then there is only one answer – Jesus Christ! According to His own words, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and the only way to the Father.

At the Dunamis Project equipping event on Spiritual Warfare, held in Guelph, Canada, April 6-10, we experienced Jesus Christ healing inner hurts and casting out demons just as He did when He walked on the earth.

Often when evil spirits show their presence there will be visible signs and evidences of their reality (these are called manifestations). One of the things that is extremely important for us is determining whether evil spirits are actually there. This takes us into a careful process of discernment.

During a time of direct prayer in the name of Jesus Christ evil spirits will be forced to separate themselves from the person. They will demonstrate their presence through observable signs. While this may not pass as scientific proof for the existence of evil spirits or Jesus casting them out, it is certainly observable evidence that must be taken seriously.

The experience of a demon being cast out.

We generally do not videotape actual deliverance sessions.

But with a person’s permission we may provide video footage of the “debriefing session” in which we discern whether demons were actually present or whether we were just dealing with emotional expressions that are entirely human in origin.

In the following video clip Muriel (who granted permission) shares how she experienced evil spirits separating out from her personality and then being cast out from her in the name of Jesus Christ.

This took place during a time of corporate prayer that the Holy Spirit would expose and remove any evil spirits that may have gotten into to anyone through sin in their fathers’ blood line.

(This is an incredible testimony of how a person experienced the manifestation of evil spirits and Jesus removing them.)

In this video clip, Muriel tells how manifestations started to take place within her and how her prayer team concluded that they really were demons. And most wonderful of all we concluded that Jesus really did cast them out.

At the leading of the Holy Spirit, as various sins were named (such as adultery, violence, sexual abuse) which were touching on the ground of how demons could get into people, evil spirits started to reveal their presence.

As they did, depending on the situation, prayers were offered to remove the ground, and then in the name of Jesus Christ the demons were cast out. This was an amazing experience that confirmed the reality of these entities and also powerfully revealed that Jesus Christ does indeed set us free from evil spirits.

We are so grateful for Muriel being willing to share this with us to see how real Jesus is.

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