“Another beautiful day in the Ozarks.” We say that all the time at home in Branson, MO. It fits just as well today here in Danyang.

No, that’s not me in one of the para-sails, but don’t I wish, sigh.

In some ways I feel right at home here in Danyang. This is a tourist destination for folks in South Korea just as Branson is in the USA. Danyang sits alongside a beautiful, man made lake, just as Branson does. Danyang was empty and quiet when I was here in June, when they are “off season” just as Branson is in January and February. This is currently the busy season here in Danyan as folks come from all over East Asia to see the beautiful countryside and the fall colors, just now starting to turn.

Danyang South Korea
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Yesterday and today we are exploring how the Korea Dunamis Network (KDN) can move toward becoming a full fledged regional expression of PRMI. Very exciting.

This morning we will be talking about developing the board for the new Dunamis Publishing Company. We will also be talking with some folks from a university that wants to include an English language MDiv course about their desire to use the Dunamis materials in the curriculum. There continue to be promising discussions about a partnership with YWAM about outreach to the Chinese from here in South Korea through the use of the Dunamis materials.

This weekend I will get to spend a couple of days at Jesus Abbey, which always blesses me.

Next week Fr. Ben Torrey and I will be teaching Dunamis #5 on Spiritual Warfare. The prayer coverage here is always excellent but we can always use additional intercession for a Dunamis track, especially Spiritual Warfare.


Pastor Tom

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