By Ben Torrey
Dean of Korean Language Programs, Dunamis Institute
Co-Director, Dunamis Fellowship Korea
Chairman, Jesus Abbey

It is with great joy and praise to God that I have the pleasure of announcing the appointment of Joseph Kwon as a full-time faith missionary under the auspices of the Dunamis Fellowship Korea beginning June, 2015.

Joseph Kwon

Joseph Kwon

Continuing to Collaborate with YWAM

Joseph has been serving as a YWAM missionary at the YWAM Antioch Institute for International Ministry, (AIIM) Pneuma Springs, Monroe, WA for the past five years.

Beginning now, he has been seconded by AIIM to work full time with DFK.

We deeply appreciate this support from and collaboration with YWAM-AIIM.

This continues and builds on the very long tradition of collaboration between PRMI and YWAM, especially through the valued ministry of the Rev. David Ross.

This connection goes back to the very earliest days of YWAM-Korea when it was known as the Jesus Evangelistic Band.

Joseph’s History in Ministry

Prior to his service with YWAM-AIIM, Joseph was a member of Jesus Abbey in Taebaek, Korea where he lived for many years.

Through his experience at Jesus Abbey, he is intimately knowledgeable with the core of the Dunamis curriculum having absorbed it directly from Fr. Archer Torrey and having taught it for many years in Korea, China and elsewhere.

In recent years, both at Jesus Abbey and then with AIIM, he has served as a guest lecturer for various Korean language Dunamis seminars.

Joseph Kwon with other leaders at a Dunamis Project in Korea

Joseph Kwon with other leaders at a Dunamis Project in Korea

Establishing Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Language Dunamis Tracks

As a missionary of the Dunamis Fellowship Korea, Joseph will work with me (Ben Torrey) to establish Korean language Dunamis Tracks initially in North America and then expanding to China and Japan. Tracks in all three areas will be offered in a combination of Korean and the local language (English, Chinese, Japanese).

Relocating for Ministry

Joseph, his wife Euodia Uibang Kwon, and their daughter Marsha Da-in Kwon, will continue to live in the Monroe, WA area while Euodia serves at AIIM for another year.

Following that, we expect they will re-locate to Black Mountain, NC to be closer to the Community of the Cross.

They will also be traveling back and forth to Korea as well where Joseph will serve as a lecturer and help to develop the Dunamis program.

Partner with Us in Prayer for the Kwon Family

We are very pleased to welcome Joseph Kwon to full-time ministry with PRMI through the Dunamis Fellowship Korea. Please keep the Kwons in your prayers.

Joseph Kwon leading in prayer

Joseph Kwon leading in prayer

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