We have just completed our fourth Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course.

This is a year long course with two weeks of intensive teaching here in Black Mountain with the final graduation/commissioning at the Community of the Cross.

This is for those called especially into this type of ministry.

This intensive practical ministry course is directed by the Rev. Cindy Strickler and taught by members of the Dunamis Fellowship with special gifting and calling in prayer ministry and deliverance ministry.

The way we learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in healing ministry is by being with those who are anointed for ministry and by actually being in ministry.

Each person in this class is assigned a mentor, someone who is experienced and growing in ministry.

Each student works with their mentor to develop and implement a project which is some practical application of the teaching.

These projects ranged from deeper study of a particular topic of healing ministry to implementing healing ministry in their local congregations.

It is just wonderful the way God has worked in healing and equipping these individuals. It is also great to see God blessing their congregations through their work. In the Kingdom of God when there is ministry in the name of Jesus Christ, that is empowered by the Holy Spirit, there is often a ripple effect of blessing from individuals to churches and even into the world.

This graduation and commissioning time at the Community of the Cross was amazing!

Most of the students are staying over to take part in offering our special healing week at the Community Of The Cross. This will provide for even more practical experience in learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

The next Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course will start in September, 2010 at the Community of the Cross.

An abbreviated form of this training is being offered October 7-11 in Alaska at Victory Bible Camp. There is an application process for these Advanced Courses.

If you are interested, please contact the PRMI office for an application.

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