Post-Event Report Advanced Healing and Deliverance Week 2, held September 7-12, 2021 

I asked Cheryl, one of our students from this course to share with us her experience:

Q: Why did you choose to take this course?

I had felt for some time that perhaps God was leading me into this area. I have seen so many people who are in need of healing and/or deliverance (including myself), but I didn’t have the words to adequately speak about it.

I needed a greater understanding and confidence of working with the Holy Spirit in setting people free.

Q: What was the big aha or learning moment for you?

This September class was number two in this series. The content had been tailored to requests made by our class and the teaching was excellent!

It was insightful and incredibly well presented: Identification and Deliverance from Freemasonry; Praying for the Land/ Spaces; Praying with Children; Distinguishing Between Mental Illness and Demonization; and more.

It was so practical, and I was truly thankful that our own mentors could share such a depth of knowledge. These every-day topics are so relevant and practical. The training felt like fine-tuning.

Q: How did Jesus meet you at the September 2021 event?

Over the summer I had a very difficult experience that impacted me both emotionally and spiritually.

During the resulting time of suffering, I sensed that the Lord was giving me glimpses of something within me that was part of the problem. When I came to the class in September, I asked for prayer ministry and sensed I needed deliverance.

Every day of the class we spent three hours in prayer ministry for members of our small group.

I participated in prayer ministry for my beloved small group members, seeing them set free. 

When my turn came, I wasn’t even sure how to articulate what I had “seen” or what it was that such a hold on me. It was such a familiar in my life that I could not easily distinguish what was wrong. 

The group showed great love to me, listening both to me and the Holy Spirit. 

They persevered until suddenly I perceived that something departed from me. At first, I thought maybe I had imagined it, but the proof is in the newfound freedom that I am experiencing and that others have noticed in me.

Q: How has this course helped you grow in cooperation with the Holy Spirit?

I don’t want to be cliché, but I feel that now I can breathe more deeply, see and hear more clearly.

I am better able to respond to His Voice without the limitations or self-doubt that I had previously experienced. 

I no longer feel shame in trying to discern with others, thinking that things are always my own ideas.

It is wonderful to be free!

Engaging Topics Covered

For the week of September 7-12, 2021 the students, teachers/mentors, PRMI staff and intercessors all came together for the second week of the Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance. 

Week two of Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance featured teaching on subjects suggested by the students.

The week’s topics included:

  • Healing from Sexual Abuse
  • Healing from Addiction
  • Praying for Children
  • Healing from the Occult
  • Cleansing of Spaces and Objects
  • Transference and Countertransference
  • Freemasonry
  • Dismantling Strongholds
  • Satan’s Schemes Infiltrating the Church through Breaking Sexual Boundaries and Gender Identities

We closed with worship and communion on Sunday. 

Rev. Dr. Brad Long gave us an evening of ministry and teaching as well.  

Brad Long encouraged our work in healing and deliverance as important tools as the Holy Spirit brings in wounded and spiritually bound new believers in to the church in the Next Great Awakening. 

Cindy Strickler is working with Pauline Eyles to lead new satellites schools of Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance in England and Canada. 

God is expanding this important ministry of disciple-making through equipping new leaders and engaging new technology. 

Ministry Across Timezones

Through the marvelous technology of apps like of Zoom, WhatsApp, email, online folders and PowerPoint, we were able to participate from sites around the world.

PRMI set up a hybrid event, including Pauline Eyles teaching from England, her entire small group zooming in from England, Chris Haynes from Prague, and two more students from two different states in the United States.

James Kearny and Emily Bennett ran the tech, along with David Pleuss, a student who also led worship.  

Technology also extended the prayer support for the event. Jule Anne Martin and Elizabeth Goodwin led on-site intersession, with others joining them onsite and off-site—staying connected through WhatsApp.

Victoria Geurink, PRMI’s newest office hire, supported the group not only with paper copies of materials but also keeping an online folder which she was able to update with Zoom recordings of the teaching and links to articles and resources brought up in the teaching.

James Kearny, a teacher/mentor, led a hybrid small group.

He had three group members participating through Zoom. This included them watching the teaching, participating in the small group time of discussion and prayer ministry—referenced above—and on the final night, being anointed—virtually and filled with the Holy Spirit—literally.

Zoom even allowed Erin Pleuss’s three young daughters to receive prayers of empowering and prophetic words of encouragement.  

What is this course?

In the Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance, you will learn to do healing and deliverance ministry under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  You might even experience some healing in your own life, while learning how to share the same in the lives of others.   

Those who are called to healing ministry in the church need practical and theologically sound teaching, as well as practical training.  You’ll learn how to grow in your calling.  You’ll discover a process to help raise up other leaders in healing and deliverance ministry.

The course is currently closed to new enrollments.

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