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PRMI was founded in 1966, and was initially called the Presbyterian Charismatic Communion.

This is the ‘parent’ organization which has articulated the charismatic work of the Holy Spirit within a Reformed and Presbyterian theological framework, grounding this especially in the pre-pentecostalism teachings of R.A. Torrey and D.L. Moody.

PRMI’s work is overseen by a Board of Directors.

The ministry is implemented by a small ministry and staff team, and is based at the Community of the Cross, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in western North Carolina, USA. 

PRMI website:

DFI: Dunamis Fellowship International

The Dunamis Fellowship International (DFI) is a spiritual fellowship of people who have been born again and baptized with the Holy Spirit; who are committed to following Jesus Christ and are focused on fulfilling a common vision.

This vision is to mobilize, equip and deploy Spirit-empowered witnesses for Jesus Christ.

The DFI connects members from all over the world, providing fellowship, accountability and prayer connections for people who have participated in some or all of the Dunamis Project.

This international fellowship has regional expressions in several geographic areas, as well as providing teaching in regions such as Nicaragua, Japan, and the Czech Republic. The current regional expression are:

Dunamis Fellowship International (DFI)

Dunamis Fellowship Canada (DFC)

Dunamis Fellowship in Britain and Ireland (DFB&I)

Dunamis Fellowship Alaska (DFAK)

Dunamis Fellowship Korea (DFK)

Dunamis Fellowship Northwest US (DFNW-U.S.)

DI: Dunamis Institute

The DI is our in-house training and ‘quality control’ body which mandates the Teachers and leaders for our events. This is done especially via the Exousia program, and aims:

  • To ensure the long-term integrity of our Dunamis Project teaching and to get it around the world where the Holy Spirit is moving to advance the Gospel.
  • To preserve the Dunamis Project equipping and imparting it to this and future generations, so that Christians may be equipped according to Acts 1:4-5,8; 2:17-18; 2:38-39 to grow the Church and fulfill the great commission.
  • To provide, transferable, intellectual/academic and personal knowledge via the Dunamis Project curriculum and pedagogical approach. That puts both lay people and clergy within the dynamic of cooperating the Holy Spirit to grow the Church and advance the reality of the Kingdom of God in the world.
  • To equip an international faculty who embody the reality of the Kingdom of God and be anointed by the Holy Spirit to grow disciples of Jesus Christ.
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