The Team

We've got hundreds of amazing folks all over the globe working tirelessly to provide leadership for the various ministries of PRMI around the world.  

Here is a cool bunch of ministry leaders and personnel who mobilize and support the volunteers in PRMI.

Rev. Dr. Brad Long

Executive Director of PRMI

In 1991 I started the Dunamis Project – a series of six intensive equipping events that focus on helping men and women to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in ministry.  

That first Dunamis Project was in Lake George, New York.  Dunamis is now the core teaching content for PRMI as we mobilize volunteers around the world to help believers cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  

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Rev. Cindy Strickler

Cindy Strickler

Director of PRMI and Head of Staff, 
Director of the Dunamis Fellowship International,
Vice President & Dean of Faculty Dunamis Institute

In 1991 I came to my first PRMI event: the very first Dunamis Project which was offered in Lake George, NY.

It was at Lake George Dunamis Project, where I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and a whole new adventure in walking with the Lord began, where I learned how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, a journey that continues to the present day.

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Jeanne Kraak

Director of Ignite

I attended my first Dunamis Project in Muskegon MI in 1996.  I was so blessed and grew so much in the Lord that I joined the staff 2 years later and now teach for PRMI all over the world.

My passion is to see lay people clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

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Mary Ellen Conners

Mary Ellen Conners

Director of Prayer Ministry

After experiencing the Dunamis Project's ministry, Mary Ellen joined the staff in 2004.  She has extensive experience in intercessory prayer and prayer ministry, both as a teacher and as a team leader.

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Rev. Chris Walker

Chris Walker

Director, Mission to the Americas

I discovered Dunamis in 1997 when I served on the leadership team for a track in Williamsburg VA and served as Associate Pastor with one of the co-editors and writers of the Dunamis Project.   

Finally, I had a theological grid that helped me understand the person and work of the Holy Spirit.  I've been teaching Dunamis Projects in the Americas in English and Spanish since 2007.

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Rev. Martin Boardman

Rev. Martin Boardman

Prayer Mobilizer, Dunamis Fellowship Canada

I first encountered PRMI through a prayer seminar which was being held for the churches in our area, and then I attended a Dunamis Project.  

Dunamis answered the questions that I had about the Holy Spirit. It explained some of my life experiences had in a systematic and Biblical way and opened the door to drawing closer in intimacy with the Lord.  I'm still putting in to practice some of the suggestions which were shared during that time.

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Suzi Gibbs

Suzi Gibbs

Office Administrator

PRMI touched my life during a Spirit Alive weekend at my home church in 1999. That meeting was life changing for me.

At the event, I turned my life fully over to the Lord. It was amazing and freeing and I was and still am so grateful. It was 11 years after that when I started working in the North Carolina office of PRMI in 2010.

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Rebecca Modrzynski

Rebecca Modrzynski

Coordinator of Healing Prayer Ministry at the Community of the Cross

I attended my first Dunamis Project as a child in which I experienced God's presence and love. I saw God's activity in my life and through the Dunamis teaching, began to understand His empowerment and call.  

To this day I continue to grow in my pursuit of Christ; it is an amazing joy to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in His Kingdom advancement.

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Judy Cook

Judy Cook, Dunamis Fellowship Alaska

Dean of Dunamis Fellowship Alaska

I attended my first Dunamis Project retreat in 1994 in Alaska where I was immediately deeply engaged with the teaching that answered my need to have a scriptural basis for experiences I had had with the Holy Spirit. It was such a refreshing time for me.

The years of solid evangelical Bible teaching from my church on one hand, and my exciting experiences in charismatic circles on the other hand, all came together in an integrated way, providing me with a scriptural and theological grid to move forward with God.

In the years since, I have found PRMI retreats and the Dunamis community an environment suited for both challenging growth and loving support in learning to walk with God in ministry.

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Rev. Paul Stokes

Paul Stokes

Academic Dean for the Dunamis institute
Director of the Dunamis fellowship in Britain and Ireland

I never wanted to get involved with Dunamis, but God has a way of winning arguments! What I discovered was the fleshed-out reality of the stories I’d read in the Bible. Theology changed from book-theory into exciting practice!

Through Dunamis I’ve discovered how to start living in step with whatever the Holy Spirit is doing, both in my personal life and also in the church that I lead. I’ve been teaching and leading Dunamis for the past 15 years, as well as nurturing others in their leadership and reworking some of the material into our book Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit. I love seeing people grow in their understanding and experience of co-operating with the Holy Spirit.

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