Our Four Ministry Initiatives

The PRMI vision statement lays out four main channels through which we do our work.  We call them vision initiatives.


Prayer is our first priority because it is the key to our vital life in Jesus Christ and cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

We not only teach you ways to pray, but give you training to grow as an intercessor, deepen your prayer life, find opprotunities to serve, and help connect you with intercessors around the world.

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Leadership Development

We seek to grow you as a leader in whatever ministry area you may serve.

You might be a local pastor, a missionary in a foreign land, an intercessor in your local church.

You might be called into healing ministry, teaching ministry, or prayer ministry in your local church.  Through programs offered via the Dunamis Institute, you’ll find ways to grow.

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Growing the Church

It is our passion to see congregations renewed with faith in Jesus Christ, growing in dynamic loving fellowship, and empowered with the Holy Spirit for outreach and missions.

Our programs for renewal are centered in Jesus Christ as the Lord of the Church, based on scripture, and designed to welcome the empowering gift-giving work of the Holy Spirit.

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Mission Outreach

Jesus has called us to share His Good News with all nations and take the Gospel to the very ends of the earth.

Through our mission work, we equip local churches, parachurch ministries, pastors and leaders to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  Dunamis Fellowship Volunteers serve as teachers and intercessors on mission teams and seek to help local ministries advance the kingdom of God where they are.

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