The following is the second in a series of stories, which highlight how the Lord, through the power of His Holy Spirit and the teachings of PRMI, transformed a life.

“When I was 22, soon after a move to South Carolina, I accepted Jesus as my Savior,” said Lynette.

Lynette had not gone to church for several years prior to the move, but within a month some friendly Southern Baptist neighbors wooed her to attend. A short time after she started, the Lord “yanked” her up front and she committed her life to Jesus.

Her new found relationship brought extreme joy to her life and a great deal of spiritual warfare too.



Her husband of less than two years was very unhappy with the change in his wife. “My husband rebelled, but God gave me peace.”

He was very concerned and went so far as to talk to her family. “Before we were married my husband, who grew up in the Catholic Church, agreed to bring our kids up in the church, but the excitement I had for Jesus was too much for him.”

Despite the extreme challenge, Lynette gives testimony that, “The Holy Spirit had me preserve and today my husband is very glad for that perseverance.”

Lynette’s husband did accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and years later they found themselves, along with their children at Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church near Seattle, WA.

It was here that Lynette was introduced to the Dunamis teaching.

Over time, the Lord opened her eyes to the possibility of generational sins and curses. And especially He called attention to her childhood experience with Sunday school.

“This may be unusual, but since I was a very little girl I felt the presence of Jesus in my life. I would beg to go to church. I felt like I was being led by the Holy Spirit.”

And, Lynette, the middle child of six, did go, but always by herself.  In fact she went all the way through elementary school.

Still constantly there was a sense of awkwardness and fear in attending Sunday school. She never quite fit in. And when she read the Bible it never clicked with her. “I was never able to memorize the verses.”

She had great fear and doubt at that time in her life. “I was nervous and uncomfortable.”

Now, through the Dunamis teaching, she understands it as spiritual warfare.

Lynette knows that the Lord will continue to transform her life. God is faithful.

She will wait on Him for more revelation. She says to the Lord, “what else do you have for me. I want to fly.”

“Any transformation that comes is not in my strength but the Holy Spirit’s,” says Lynette. “He gives me hope.”

It seems that currently her potential in Christ is held back, but she feels it bubbling up. She is looking for a breakthrough . . . a freedom.

“I feel I am somewhat kept in confusion. Often, due to the way I learn it’s challenging to understand some scripture passages.”

Still she has peace that God through His Holy Spirit will provide what is best for her life. “He will lead me.”

She trusts that her understanding of her situation will bear fruit. “I am blessed with the gift of faith.” This is a daily gift from God, which she thanks Him.

The next stop on Lynette’s journey may be to receive prayer ministry. She is looking at options.

In the middle of seeking freedom, Lynette has come to the understanding that her spiritual gift is to encourage. The gift of encouragement plays out in the way Lynette relates to friends, family, neighbors and total strangers. She greets people with a smile and engages them eye to eye.

God makes time stretch and allows her to interact with people in a way that blesses them. “Eye contact and a smile go a long ways.”

Lynette describes her life as “an open book.” She shares with family and friends that it’s God’s presence that gives hope. Her testimony encourages people to experience the Holy Spirit. “God will provide all that is needed.

It’s not a matter of willpower, but the Holy Spirit that guides us.” Lynette knows there is freedom in that truth.

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