Chris James of the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland has applied the Dunamis Project training in his ministry.  Chris is a street pastor who has learned what we call “the Dance of Cooperation” with the Holy Spirit.

This framework for the empowering work of the Holy Spirit gets us past the conflicts over tongues, or manifestations like holy laughter or falling down.  Instead, we learn what the Holy Spirit is all about: which is bringing glory to Jesus Christ and equipping each of us to play our role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Chris James of the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland in England, reported this:

“ I volunteer as a Street Pastor through the night around the streets, clubs and bars in Plymouth and I meet so many broken people.

I talk with young prostitutes of both sexes, street sleepers, alcoholics and drug addicts of all ages and all I want to do is hold them all in my arms and share Jesus with them but there are so many that I weep.

This is one area that congregational renewal and the church learning the dance and co-operate with the Holy Spirit has a major impact.

Approximately 1/3 of the Plymouth churches provide the 120 Street Pastors and more are involved in active prayer support in an on-site / off-site context. The spiritual growth and fellowship that is developing amongst people from different churches is fantastic. So learning this co-operation and dance has such wide ranging implications for the church and the Lord’s work through us it must not be ignored. ”

That is so exciting! Especially coming from Chris!

You would not expect this from this elderly, distinguished English gentleman who does financial accounting for charitable institutions in Great Britain.

But then when we start “Dancing with the Holy Spirit” there are wonderful blessings and the most unexpected people find themselves on the front-lines of advancing the Kingdom of God. And Jesus gets the glory!

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