Ben & Liz on boat

Yesterday we got a little bit of down time in the afternoon. We went on a boat ride on the lake here at Danyang (pronounced “Toung Young”) South Korea. The mountains here are both rugged and beautiful. Though the land is more severe than in the Ozark Mountains, the lake reminded me of Table Rock Lake at home in Branson, MO.

We just finished what feels like a marathon of a day. I taught every teaching session today, designed and helped lead the lab time after dinner. Practically non-stop from 7:40am to 10pm.

And, I get to teach the one teaching session tomorrow morning as well.

The pastors and ministry leaders were amazingly well engaged through a huge amount of material and then still had the energy to work hard at application in our lab time tonight. Today was all about ground level or personal level spiritual warfare. This is a combination of discipleship, healing and deliverance. For some, we gave them a systematic way to understand many years of ministry experience. For others, this was their first introduction to the concept of setting people free from the wounds and bondage of the enemy. I can only imagine what God is going to do in the coming weeks, months and years here in South Korea through these pastors & ministers and the congregations they serve.

Tomorrow morning I’ll give them a brief overview of high level or strategic level spiritual warfare. There is great interest and hunger for this part of the workshop but precious little time to teach on it. Then, it’s off to Seoul for the evening and then home on Saturday.

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