Why include a poem that lacks any themes of Christmas at Christmas? The answer is already given in the meditation on the role of the Holy Spirit and the continuing miracle of Christmas.

In June, Ginny Good was at the Healing Week at the Community of the Cross. Through her, Jesus Christ worked to bring healing to others and also worked to heal her. A present day encounter with Jesus is the continuing miracle of Christmas made possible by the Holy Spirit.

The Prayer Walk

By Ginny Good, Charleston, SC
Healing Prayer Ministry Week
The Community of the Cross
June, 2009

“Oh, where are you walking?”
I asked the strange man.
“I’m walking to Jesus
By anyway I can.”

“And how will you know Him?”
I quickly pursued.
“By the wounds in His hands
And a cross that is crude.”

“How will you speak to Him?
And what will you say?”
“I’ll bow down on my knees,
And pray for grace ev’ry day.

“I’ll praise Him and worship
My Lord, God and King;
I’ll give Him my life
Without wavering.

“I’ll thank Him again
For dying for me;
For cleansing my sins
For eternity.

“I’ll give Him the glory
For loving me anew,
Fresh mercies each morning
For me…. also for you.”

“Come with me!” said the man.
“He loves you the same.
He chose you to be His
Disciple by name.”

So I followed the man
Listening as he prayed:
We entered God’s Garden…
There were rainbows mid-day.

Oh, the leaves in the trees
Sent out ribbons of song
Of Praise, Love and Worship,
By God’s Heavenly throng.

I heard the Lord call me,
“Abide with Me, My child.
You are My Beloved;
You are My Chosen Bride.”

I turned to thank the man,
But he had disappeared.
For God had chosen him
To be my shepherd here.

I knew I had found Him:
My Savior, Jesus Christ.
In His Restoration Garden
He healed me in His sight.

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