All gifts to this ministry that come any time are received with thanksgiving.

But those that come in the summer are especially welcomed and urgently needed.  A giant thank you to all of our donors – whether through

What I want to share with you a word of encouragement as to the impact of your giving to PRMI in what I saw early July at the Empowered:  Christian Family Camp.

Your giving extends our teaching to family

This Dunamis for families included adults along with children from 1 month to 13 years old.

With 60 gathered at the COC we maxed out the facilities and had to turn some away!  (That is a tragic missed opportunity for the Kingdom of God!  Which is one reason why we are praying in the money to complete the Prayer House which will more than double our meeting capacity!)

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I will admit upfront my father and grandfather bias!

The Revs. Rebecca and Josh Modrzynski (our daughter and son in-law) were both part of the wonderful leadership team which also included the Rev. Susan Finck, Mary Ellen Conners, Rev. Chris and Brenda Walker, and Rev. John and Nancy Van Stone.  (See the photo album).

Together they envisioned, organized and pioneered this Family Dunamis.

What was so amazing about this was that entire families grew together in Jesus Christ and were together moved into the lifestyle of cooperating with the Holy Spirit in life and ministry.

Rev. Susan Fink and Rev. Josh Modrynski led the event
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Rev. Susan Finck and Rev. Josh Modrynski led the event

What I Saw in my Family

I saw in my own grandchildren that the Lord really does use this approach of Dunamis to bring our children and grandchildren into the river of God–which is the future of the Church!

After the event our grandchildren were at our house, both so tired that they could hardly move.

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However, they were radiant and excited, and obviously filled with the Holy Spirit.  I asked what had happened and the four-year-old, said, “Babba, the Holy Spirit gave me a tool box of gifts to build with! And I love Jesus and people more.”

My grandaughter was excited that she had been anointed with oil for ministry to witness to Jesus.  When I asked her what that meant, she gave in her own words the Dunamis teaching on listening to the Holy Spirit, then discerning those words and acting in obedience! They had both gotten it!

Frankly I wanted to cry as I felt like the last 30 years of developing the Dunamis teaching had not been in vain.

The Lord was growing my grandchildren and the children of all the others there, in following Jesus Christ.

We have more people to reach

It seems that much of the church is failing in transferring biblical faith to future generations, evidenced by the lack of young people.

The Lord has given PRMI an effective model for accomplishing this transfer of living faith in the youth application of our Dunamis Project in Upward Challenge, and With the Wind (which are happening also this July)  and now in this Family Dunamis.

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They just do not have fun and games, they really do grow in faith.

The key is sound biblical teaching that is age appropriate, nurturing loving Christian community, and providing the context through prayer and ministry where the Holy Spirit brings them into an actual experience of God.

I am driven by an urgency to take this opportunity to share with you this extraordinary work! I also invite you to pray for the growth of the Family Dunamis and the other young adult events happening this month.

Thank you for your financial support and prayers!

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