All Nations Intercessors (ANI) is part of the prayer movement in South Korea started 20 years ago by an anointed intercessor named Sarah Lee.

In July of 2017, ANI hosted PRMI to offer a Mountain Top Equipping Camp to a select group of ANI intercessors.

It was an intense 5 days. We learned many things, but the three most important outcomes are described below.

Preparing the Way

This event has a back story that has influenced the expansion of the Dunamis Fellowship International.

In 2008, a PRMI team of John Chang, Peyton Johnston and I went to Korea to provide teaching on the Holy Spirit at the Hallelujah Church.

Ben Torrey asked ANI to provide intercessory prayer covering.

2008 Teaching Team

During that gathering, there was a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the 150 Korean pastors and church leaders from many different denominations.

This outpouring of the Holy Spirit resulted in the birthing of the Dunamis Fellowship Korea seven years later!

2008 Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Korea

In October 2016,  Paul Stokes, Cindy Strickler and I came to teach at the Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit Conference.

I was invited to offer a one-day seminar for the ANI intercessors on the Prayer Strategy for Jesus’ Victory over Radical Islam.

This one-day event led to the invitation to return in July of 2017 and offer the Mountain Top Equipping Camp to a select group of ANI intercessors.

A glimpse of the teaching

The team consisted of Ben Torrey, Cindy Strickler, Martin Boardman and myself joined by Sarah Lee, the Director of ANI.  Sarah is a powerfully anointed prayer leader and visionary leader.

Sarah Lee, leader of ANI

During this amazing event, the Holy Spirit did strategic work in equipping the army of intercessors to defeat demonic strongholds and advance the Kingdom of God.

Sarah, with Ben, Cindy and Martin all prayed for me as I am stepped into the gap with this teaching, which often stirs up Satan’s intense opposition.

The teaching was based on the Mountain Top Equipping Camp manual and the two books which I have written (Discerning the Times and Prayer Strategy for Jesus’ Victory).

The teaching was very relevant as the Korean Church and Korean society are facing opposition from demonic strongholds based on Islam, liberal progressivism and communism in North Korea.

Ben Torrey stepped in a number of times to add to the teaching and to connect it to the specific needs of Korea, particularly on the strategic role of the nation of Korea in fulfilling God’s Great Commission plans.

Ben also worked throughout the event with Sarah to lead the group into the work of prayer. He was brilliant in this role as a connector between two cultures.

Ben Torrey leads a teaching on intercessory prayer

Cindy did a great job teaching on the assaults that intercessors may experience in the wake of Kingdom advancement.

She also helped in building prayer cohorts, leading in forming groups and then discerning how the Holy Spirit was leading the groups into practical application.

Cindy has been to Korea a number of times and crossed over extremely well into the culture to provide spiritual leadership.  She constantly helped me in the process of discernment of what materials needed to be taught in what order.

Martin Boardman did very well connecting to the intercessors and provided excellent accessible teaching on forming prayer cohorts and the dynamics of engagements.

He crossed over well by using “football” (what we call soccer in the USA) language to describe prayer cohorts or teams.  Five to six intercessors were on the wall during each session and Martin debriefed with them throughout the day, feeding their input back to the leadership team. It was exciting to see them grow in this kind of event intercession and teamwork over the week.

We don’t just teach, we pray

The Prayer Guide provided a tool to lead intercessory prayer.

At any PRMI conference, we don’t focus 100% on the teaching.  We do the kingdom work of prayer and seek to cooperate with the Holy Spirit while we are together.

Being with a group of intercessors, you pray.

Some of the prayer work took place in cohort groups so that participants could learn how to function as cohorts.

At other times, the prayer work was in the Korean corporate style (sometimes called “concert”) prayer.

This prayer, often led by Sarah Lee or Ben Torrey, was in Korean. Everyone would pray in unison either in Korean or in tongues.

Praying for us as a team

The intercessors of ANI praying for the PRMI team.

On the final day of the event we moved into a remarkable time of everyone praying for us as a team.

This corporate prayer time was based on the picture of the battle with the Amalekites, which represents the work of the cohorts. Moses, Aaron and Hur are on the mountain interceding with Joshua fighting away in the valley below.

The Holy Spirit fell on everyone there. It was amazing. I sensed throughout this event we were connecting with yet another major stream of prayer – the Korean Church stream.

Moments of exalted praise and celebration punctuated this teaching event that was extremely intense.

Three Outcomes from our time in Korea

Pray that the seeds sown in this teaching time will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God.

I believe that what happend at this Mountain Top Equipping Camp for Korean intercessors was as follows:

1.      Connecting more intercessors into the global army of intercessors

I see the Lord connecting intercessors around the world to support the advancement of the kingdom of God and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

In this Korean Mountain Top Equipping Camp, the connection was made both spiritually and practically to the “People of Chopsticks,” which is equipping the Koreans, Japanese and the Chinese for taking Gospel to the Muslim world.   This is also known as the “Back to Jerusalem Movement.”

At this Mountain Top Equipping Camp, the Holy Spirit connected the Dunamis Fellowship International and Dunamis Fellowship Korea to All Nations Intercessors who represent an embodiment and a vanguard of this work of intercession by Koreans.

The personal relationships forged, the teaching shared and shared assessment of prayer battlefields has formed us into an allied army of intercessors.

This is strategic for defeating demonic strongholds blocking the advancement of the Gospel worldwide.

2.      Enabling intercessors to discern and receive guidance from the Holy Spirit

The ANI intercessors are already well equipped and anointed by the Holy Spirit for this strategic level prayer work.

The team and I were deeply humbled that they invited us to come and provide this teaching. They are already the world’s great intercessors and the teachers of intercession.   They are our older sisters and brothers in this work of world-changing prayer.

The teaching embodied in the Mountain Top Equipping Camps is not offering anything that they have not experienced and put into practice before. Rather, we gave them the theological and biblical basis and concepts, as well as the tactics and strategies of intercession and spiritual warfare that will support their work.

Using the Workbooks for Prayer

At the Mountain Top Equipping Camp in Korea, these Korean intercessors were equipped with:

  • fundamental concepts about Satan’s way of building demonic strongholds and
  • strategies and tactics of intercession and spiritual warfare

These two prongs can enable them to more effectively discern the enemy and receive guidance from the Holy Spirit.

3.      A turning point in the global prayer movement

I felt that there has been a turning point in the global prayer movement or at least within PRMI and Dunamis Fellowship International’s role in this global movement.

For Korea, this turning point represents the reality that Satan is stepping up his attacks on Korea and the Church of Jesus Christ in Korea.

It is apparent to them that the Devil is seeking to destroy both the work of the Church in Korea and the free, democratic, prosperous culture of South Korea through various strongholds of division within the Church

But at this event, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place that is equipping all of us for a higher level of engagement in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Can you see it?

The entire event was videotaped but I want to show a you a glimpse of several turning points that took place when the Holy Spirit was moving upon the entire group, equipping us.

You really need to see the Holy Spirit in action with the Koreans to grasp what this is like.  The power and presence of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is palpable and glorious.  It is often beyond words, pictures, and even what video can present.

2017 Korea Mountain Top Equipping Camp

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