A year-long process of going deep in equipping in healing and deliverance ministry began last September (2016) with 35 students and 7 mentors.

This was the 8th time we have offered the year long Advanced Course in Healing and Deliverance in Black Mountain, and this is the second largest group attending since the program began in 2003.

The course equips us for service in our churches

PRMI started this year-long advanced course to meet the need for more equipped men and women who could provide healing and deliverance ministry not just at Dunamis, but out in local congregations.

This course was created in response to a vision the Lord gave me in 2000 while teaching at a Dunamis Project in Minnesota.

As I prayed for people to be anointed for healing ministry, the Lord showed me hundreds of men and women equipped and providing prayer ministry in churches across the whole country.

Since 2003, over 300 people have participated in this Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance in Black Mountain, Alaska and the UK.

We offer this advanced course every other year.

The Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course is hard work.

There are four major components to the training:

  • three on site week-long seminars,
  • working with a mentor,
  • reading 10 books and
  • doing a project in their local context.

First Week in Black Mountain

Sharing Time at the Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course

The first week of the course includes an in-depth review of how PRMI does healing and deliverance ministry.

Afternoons are spent in small groups, where the participants practice what they are being taught under the supervision of a mentor.   One student said in the final evaluation,

“The small group time was so, so valuable. This practice in a safe space was crucial”

Another student remarked about the value of “having debrief opportunities to discuss experiences and what happened in prayer.”

Second Week in Black Mountain

Lectures on Advanced Healing and Deliverance equip prayer minsters

In second on site week of the course the students heard lectures on various topics.

Topics are drawn from requests from the group, based on what they need to know to function in their local communities.

This year’s class wanted more teaching on:

  • healing from addictions,
  • how to pray for veterans,
  • healing from sexual abuse,
  • praying with and for children
  • healing from sexual brokenness and gender identity issues, and
  • discerning the difference between demonization and mental illness

Reading between the onsite weeks and access to mentors

Mentors play a significant role in the Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course. Here is one Mentor with their small group.

Between the seminar weeks, the students are required to read and reflect on books on healing and deliverance. They also have access to their mentors, who are men and women with extensive experience in prayer ministry.

One student reflected on the role of the mentor and said,

“She poured love into us…I learned through her modeling of how to handle situations of distractions and how to shut down the enemies ‘entrance’ into situations.”

Final week in Black Mountain – Project Presentation

Project Presentations

During the final weekend of the course, participants present the projects they have been working on all year.

This year, topics of presentations ranged among:

  • healing and art,
  • praying for healing for homeless people,
  • doing healing and deliverance with youth,
  • establishing a healing ministry in a local church,
  • growing a regional center for healing and deliverance, and
  • comparing 7 systems of healing and deliverance ministry.

Director’s Reflections

2017 Graduating Class, Mentors, and Teachers from Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course

I am always excited to hear what the students have learned. This year was no different. I was blessed and amazed at how they had grown over 12 months and what they were taking away from the year.

Each group has been unique. This group had members from around the US and Canada.

A group of 15 came from Gold Avenue Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, because their co-pastors were part of our 2014 course.

Gold Avenue Pastors Dave Westra and Gina Dick have been using what they learned in the course at their church.  They were being overwhelmed with the huge needs for healing and deliverance in their community. They put together a team and sent them to the next course, so more prayer ministers could be trained up.

Read the full story here:  How Gold Avenue Church experienced renewal

Next Course – September 2018

We will offer this course again in Black Mountain starting in September 9-14 , 2018.

There is an application process. For more information, contact me at cindy@prmi.org.

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