“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

God’s preparation for the recent PRMI trip to Japan was evident even before the Dunamis Project on Healing began.

Cindy Strickler, who led the team, was told of a miracle of healing which had happened earlier in the month in the very church where the Dunamis Project was held.

A young woman was healed from lymphoma.

What is amazing is that it was the youth group that prayed, not a “big name” or even a person in leadership. Regular church goers!

Cindy commented “I feel like the Lord has set things up for the teaching this week.”

Teaching team for Japan Dunamis Project
Back: John Chang; Front: Steve Thayer, Cindy Strickler and Peyton Johnson, teaching team for the Healing Dunamis

But that’s not all.

One concern before the event was finding “point people” who had healing prayer experience to lead prayer teams in the exercises.

On the Saturday before the event started, the team had a nice surprise.

Cindy shares: “We had lunch Saturday with Rev. Tezuka’s daughter and son-in-law.  They are opening a counseling center at the church. This is pretty radical over here and they are pioneers in the field of faith and counseling. I am so excited they are here and see their role as critical in the inner healing teaching and also as we move into prayer practice. Isn’t the Lord good!”

The on-site team for this mission trip came from

  • Connecticut (Steve Thayer),
  • New York (John Chang),
  • North Carolina (Cindy Strickler) and
  • Florida (Peyton Johnson, Michael and Alecia Talent).

The teaching was provided by the four pastors and Alecia and Michael stepped into providing some on site intercession – a first time experience for them.

Cindy Strickler - teacher, Paul Ariga - interpreter
The Rev. Cindy Strickler teaching on inner healing, Rev. Paul Ariga interpreting

The attendees come from various places in Japan and have doubled in number since the first Dunamis there.

Given the increase in numbers the event had to be moved to the sanctuary, rather than the comfortable teaching room that had been used in the past.

This meant sitting in uncomfortable pews for hours every day and was a challenge to work with when it came to dividing into groups for ministry.

But it all worked out!

Off-site intercessors provided most of the prayer cover for the event.

However, on the second day, several of the on-site teachers were called into action as intercessors. There was a significant amount of spiritual warfare trying to enter the sanctuary.

But “Nothing got through and there was significant physical, emotional relational, spiritual healing and even deliverance ministry that took place. Praise the Lord. The debrief was a time of great learning and celebration.”

As the week went on, the prayer for healing extended beyond the group gathered there. On Wednesday there was a special time of prayer:

“The time tonight in prayer was precious and deep – praying for healing in Japan – physically from the tsunami, relationally and for healing and unity in the church. We closed in a large circle, praying for revival – spiritual healing (that there would be a move of the Spirit and conversions. The strongholds here are so great – every time there is any revival or growth Satan strikes back and crushes it. We need to pray for that darkness to be pushed back and the stronghold dismantled!”

The event ended with local pastors praying for participants to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. Next year’s Dunamis will address the subject of Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Advance. Pray with us for God to move powerfully!

Japanese and American team
Japanese and American team for the Healing Dunamis

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