Since the first Dunamis Project launched in 1991 Lake George NY, thousands of people have attended the full Dunamis Project where you learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, and discover how God has equipped you to do your part in advancing his kingdom.

Here are 10 reasons why you should set apart the extended time away and invest in your walk with Christ.

1. You’ll discover excellent Bible teaching on the Holy Spirit.

There are many good books about the person and work of the Holy Spirit that you can easily get from any bookseller.

What you’ll hear at a Dunamis Project (and get in a manual), is a solid theological framework presented in an easily understandable way.  We make a detailed Bible references, observations by respected theologians, and build on a framework that has long been accepted throughout church history.

You’ll hear it from a variety of Dunamis teachers who embody it and currently do ministry in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

Excellent Biblical teaching of Holy Spirit – Lee Ann Gravitt, Maryland

To learn of the person of Holy Spirit. He is not taught in many churches in America and Canada. I also LOVE the connection within the Dunamis community – Julie Wohrle, Alaska

2. You’ll experience what you learn.

You’ll not only hear excellent Bible teaching on the Holy Spirit, but at each Dunamis Project, you’ll get the chance to participate in what we call “Lab Time.”

Lab time are those moments were you’ll try to experience the lesson that was taught.

For example, if the lesson was on intercession for local churches, you’ll get the chance to pray for your church in a small group of friends.  You can volunteer to receive prayer for a particular, or join in a team and try praying for a volunteer and see what God will do.

Heart-felt worship, solid Bible teaching, application of the scriptures, and empowering works of the Holy Spirit. It’s a safe place to learn and grow in the Lord and His presence is palpable. When I’m at Dunamis I often think about the early church … and the fellowship, the ministry that was shared, and the power of the gospel that went out through God’s people. – Cindy Driesenga, Michigan

3. You’ll worship the Lord.

You’ll get the chance to have some extended worship time before the Lord.

People tell us that one reason they love coming to the Dunamis Project is the longer times of worship unto the Lord.

If you have gifts in leading worship, you might even be invited to join the worship team and serve.

“I love the Dunamis Project and the inspired worship that I get to participate in”–Pauline Eyles, England

4. You’ll encounter Jesus.

At the Dunamis Projects, you’ll have the opportunity to withdraw from your regular busy life and spend several days in reflection, extensive teaching, prayer, and small group community time.  You’ll find plenty of time for prayer, for worship, and growing in your understanding of how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  When you make the investment of time away to meet with Jesus, He meets with you at the Dunamis Project.

I moved to a deeper relationship with my Father God, my brother Jesus, and the Holy Spirit through discipleship as a way of life. Praise the Lord! In addition, I became a better pastor.  – Tony De La Rosa, Indiana

5. You’ll find a community of believers in your area who want to grow in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

The Dunamis Project takes place through a series of six events in the same area over the course of three years.  You’ll become great friends as you pray together, laugh together and grow together in ministry.

Those who have been through a complete Dunamis Project often want to repeat the cycle simply because it’s a community of people who want to be together and serve.

For some, the sense of family that comes from the Dunamis Project keeps people involved in the mission of PRMI for years, if not decades.

We know that not every church is on board with life in the Spirit as expressed through the ministry of cooperation.  Church members who have little influence in their church to make changes in their church culture often find the community around a Dunamis Project to be a great source of life and companionship when you feel alone in your church on this matter.

“I love the Dunamis Community!!! It is one of love and acceptance. But most of all, I love learning more of and falling deeper in love with our LORD JESUS CHRIST by learning about and cooperating with His Spirit.” – Jule Ann Martin, New Jersey

The Dunamis Project is a safe place to ask difficult questions and process with community – Mitzi Barker, Alaska

6. You’ll grow in your ability to hear and discern God’s voice.

Because of lab times and clear teaching on how to hear and discern God’s voice, you’ll discover that you too can receive guidance and step into those moments of ministry when God wants to do something.

You might step into ministry leadership, experience a new spiritual gift, grow in becoming an intercessor, and step into a healing ministry.

As you get more and more involved in the Dunamis Project (not just consuming but serving as a volunteer), you’ll see first hand how you hear God’s voice and see God’s kingdom advance as He uses you.

I love learning how to discern how and when God is speaking to (or through) me, and opportunities to practice how to cooperate with his Holy Spirit to do the work Jesus has for me to do! – Meg Shibley Broste, New Mexico

7. You’ll learn to take steps of faith in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

At the Dunamis Projects, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to try new things.  You want to pray for someone’s physical healing?  Let’s try it.   You want to see God use you with any spiritual gifts?  You’ll be given space to take that step of faith.  You want to step into Dunamis Project leadership?  We’ll make space for you to try new things.

We don’t believe in learning content for content only.  You’ll get great teaching and then opportunities to step out in faith and try it.

8. You’ll deepen your relationship with the Lord.

You’ll find plenty of time for prayer, for worship, small group community, and growing in your relationship with the Lord.  You’ve likely experienced this in other retreat settings where the time away allows you to focus on your relationship with the Lord.

The Dunamis Project is intentionally structured as an intensive time away from your daily life – to withdraw and then return.  That time of withdraw allows you disconnect from the tyranny of the urgent, slow down, and purposefully grow in your relationship with Jesus.

God is faithful and “meets me where I am” no matter “where I am”. – Denny Finnegan, Pennsylvania

God is using the Dunamis Project to open my eyes and heart to His relentless, redemptive love, bringing life to what has long been a dry and locust-eaten land. There is more than dry obedience in my walk with Him, and His Spirit fills me with hope and resurrection life that is not my own  – Jennifer K Porter

9. You’ll experience a safe context to practice

Along with being given an opportunity to practice what you learn, you’ll discover there is safety to try new things in the Dunamis Project.

You are all learning together and give each other the grace to try and see what the outcome is.   You might receive guidance and step out in faith and see God move powerfully.  Other times, the guidance proves to be your imagination.  You’ll not be judged for trying.  You’ll find that the Dunamis Project is a learning community where you are affirmed, encouraged, lovingly critiqued, and strengthened to keep learning.

“I have always been impressed by the system of learning, then immediately putting into practice what we have just learned. Especially knowing that a safe space has been created to enable us to do that. – Jane Lane

I am learning to cultivate an environment where The Holy Spirit’s will can be heard and obeyed. Jesus always shows up! People are set free to use their gifts together in community to bring God’s kingdom to Earth. – Charlie

10. You’ll be a better witness to Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom of God is the overarching theme of the Dunamis Project and the mission impulse is to advance the Kingdom of God.  In the Dunamis Project, you’ll discover that the best outcome is to live out the reality of Acts 1:8

“You shall be my witness when the Holy Spirit comes upon you . .”

You’ll learn which spiritual gifts God tends to give you to advance his Kingdom, and by the end of the Dunamis Project, you’ll also have a sense of how to do personal evangelism in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Those who complete the Dunamis Project learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to allow Jesus to work through them to advance the kingdom of God.  Whether it’s a ministry of helping people encounter Jesus in prayer ministry, a more effective faith sharing, or doing deliverance of captives, you’ll find ways to be a better witness for Jesus Christ.

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