Learn how to cooperate
with the Holy Spirit. 

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through Holy Spirit empowered ministry.

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Prayer Opportunities At the Community of the Cross

In the following video, Mary Ellen Conners and Jon Gurley share the vision for two regular prayer meetings at the Community of the Cross.

Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 9:00am, led by Mary Ellen Conners, is dedicated to praying for PRMI’s people and ministries, local churches and personal needs.

If you are in the area please come by and join us. Praying for the World, at 10:00am, led by Jon Gurley, is a time of Holy Spirit-led intercession focused on prayer for the persecuted Church, for conversion of Muslims, and against strongholds of Radical Islam.

Join on site or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the PRMI office at (828) 669-7373 for instructions on how to join us online.

Setup a Prayer Appointment at the Community of the Cross

People come from around the world to enjoy the quiet retreat space and to receive prayer from volunteer teams who have learned to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Prayer appointments with PRMI trained teams are available on an as needed basis at the Community of the Cross.

Are you burned out?  Feeling like you can't get guidance?   Let's pray with you.

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Featured Resource

FireStarterBookFire Starter:The Holy Spirit Empowers

Some fear the empowerment of Holy Spirit. Others cherish it. Most ignore it.

But it is available to every Christian and essential for the gospel's advance.  Phil Noordmans shows how he discovered and applied the empowering dimension of the Holy Spirit's work in our day.

New Book By Brad Long

JesusVictoryPrayerStrategycoverPrayer Strategy for Victory

How do intercessors pray into current world events?  Brad maps out 3 strategies in full detail.

Learn the practical strategies and tactics needed by intercessors and spiritual warriors to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as part of the Father’s master strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission.


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