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Each article is designed to answer your questions from a biblical perspective on topics

related to the baptism of the Holy Spirit, prayer for healing, speaking in tongues,

what is discernment, how do you become an effective intercessor and so much more! 

Exploring the Four Questions of Discernment

We believe that God does indeed speak to us and guide and direct us. Explore the four questions of discernment to have a better understanding…

Can I Be Filled With The Holy Spirit?

If you are a follower of Jesus, you have experienced the work of the Holy Spirit, who now indwells in your heart through faith. The Holy Spirit brought you to Jesus, made you alive in Christ, and has begun…

What are the four types of

tongues in the Bible?

Each of these types of tongues have their own special role in building up the believer, in growing the Church, and advancing the Kingdom of God…


What Are the obsticles to

receiving the gift of tongues?

Through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, (or empowerment of the Holy Spirit or filling of the Holy Spirit) we may be equipped to be faithful witnesses to do what Jesus calls us to do…

PRMI News Across the Nations

Strengthen the Foundations of the PRMI Prayer House

Strengthen the Foundations of the PRMI Prayer House

As we prepare for the Next Great Awakening, we continue to look at how our physical buildings will contribute to ministry – both prayer and equipping. The last few years we have concentrated on building the PRMI Prayer House.  Here is the latest update on...

The Heart of Prayer and Revival with R.A. Torrey

The Heart of Prayer and Revival with R.A. Torrey

Prayer and revival are two interconnected themes that were near and dear to R. A. Torrey’s heart. Reuben Archer Torrey (1856-1928) traveled all over the world leading evangelistic tours. It is believed that more than one hundred thousand were saved under his...

Nearly daily we are hearing testimonies of genuine breakthroughs in people’s lives or new found deep hunger for the deep things of God. Last Tuesday our normal weekly meeting with our pastoral team turned into a spontaneous four hour prayer meeting where people spontaneously stopped in the office, received prayer, were anointed, many received significant prophetic words.

People are being healed and set free!

- Jordan Wilson, Stillwater Church, USA